Bowling Green residents protest white nationalist groups in the community

Spencer Wells speaks to protestors of White Nationalists Groups gathered at Circus Square Park in downtown Bowling Green on Saturday, Aug 25. “Who’s town?” “Our town” was one of the chants the protestors called out.

Editor’s Note: a previous version of this story listed Rialda Zukic as a speaker at the rally and stated Democratic Socialists of Northern Kentucky organized the protest. The speaker was Sabina Husić and the event was organized by the Southern Kentucky Democratic Socialists of America. The story has been corrected. 

Residents of the Bowling Green community joined hands and voices Saturday Aug. 25 to protest hate and the rise of white supremacy groups in the area.  

The voices of the protestors shouting “whose town, our town” were heard throughout downtown Bowling Green, letting everyone know hate would not be tolerated.


Spencer Wells, a member of the Southern Kentucky Democratic Socialists of America (SOKY DSA), organized the protest and was the main speaker. He said the purpose was to counter the white nationalists who are reportedly organizing throughout the community.  

Wednesday, a post made by Kevin James of the “League of the South” announced a meeting for all League of the South and National Socialist Movement members to be held on Aug. 25.  

The “Rally Against Hate” was held in response to the post and was shared throughout social media.  

“These individuals are here to normalize hate that can lead to issues in our surrounding population,” Wells said.  

Other speakers included Sabina Husić, a Srebenica Genocide survivor and Black Lives Matter advocate and other members of SOKY DSA. 

Paul Carter, who is running for city comissioner in the coming election, joined the protest as well and spoke negatively of the rising hate groups.

“There is no room for Nazis, racism and xenophobia in Bowling Green,” Carter said.

Retired teacher, Claudia Hanes, 67, of Bowling Green, wore red, white and blue American-themed shoes and shirt to the rally. She carried a large flag with a peace sign in an American Flag and said she was taking back her country. 

Kristina Arnold, WKU art department head and professor, said she came to the event because she saw it online. She says she was appalled when she heard that white nationalists were in Bowling Green.  

“In Bowling Green, we love love and we will not tolerate hate,” Arnold said. 

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