Shay Mitchell thinking about second child

Shay Mitchell thinking about second child


Shay Mitchell is considering having a second child.

The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ alum spent a grueling 33 hours in labor whilst delivering her daughter Atlas, now 18 months, but has said the intense time hasn’t completely put her off trying for a second child with her partner Matte Babel.

When asked if going into labor again scares her, Shay said: “It does and it doesn’t. What I will say for me, when I held her in my arms and – I know, this gets so mushy – but I was just like, ‘I would do it again,’ and I said that right after.”

Although labor was a daunting process for Shay, the 34-year-old actress also admitted the woes that came with pregnancy were tougher to deal with.

She added: “I think for me, [it was] more the swollen hands and needles – I don’t do well with the pregnancy itself. I’d always heard of your feet being swollen, but for me it was my hands. You realize how crucial your hands are and the discomfort that you have when it involves them is not very fun.”

Shay chose not to have an epidural until she’d been through almost 24 hours of labor, but insisted she “completely forgot” about her pain once her daughter arrived.

Speaking to ‘Moms Like Us’, she said: “Yes, it was a long time, but having her and going through that, I was like, ‘I don’t even care. I would do it again.’”

Meanwhile, Shay recently said she wants to be the “best version” of herself for her daughter.

She said: “2020 was the year of searching for something to make us feel good. Not even good … to feel fine. Feel ‘normal’. For me that came in the form of comfort food, comfort clothes and throwing my fitness routine out the window. And that was okay … for a while. They’re called unprecedented times for a reason. But I also learned about physical and mental self-care, and made a pact with myself that 2021 would be different.

“I wanted to focus on myself again, because I’m the best version of myself for Atlas – and everyone else – when I take care of myself first.”