Bring your focus back to healthy after break

Shawna Aud

As with any break, holiday or vacation away from your normal routine, unhealthy temptation becomes greater than ever. Your focus on making healthy eating and drinking choices was probably thrown out the window on the way to your destination. If this was you over Spring Break, do not worry! We’re all allowed a vacation from our routines every now and then. But now that our break has come to a close, our unhealthy habits need to vanish as well. Jumping back on the healthy bandwagon won’t be as hard as you may think.

Start with a healthy grocery haul to fill your empty fridge, pantry or backpack with easy grabs to start your week back at school off on the right foot. This haul could consist of anything from peanut butter sandwiches to carrots and hummus to a bag of mixed nuts. Make sure to have them handy for your busiest days so you won’t feel the need to hit up the drive-thru window for your meals.

Maybe water wasn’t your drink of choice over the past week. We all know it happens. Now that it’s time to get back to business, up your intake to at least eight cups a day. Over half of your body is composed of water. When your fluid intake is low, your body may mistake its thirst for hunger in hopes that it will get some type of fuel. Anytime you feel hungry, try drinking a cup of water first. This will help to replenish your body’s fluid needs as well as keep you feeling fuller for longer. Consider it a win-win.

Get some sleep! I’m sure sleep wasn’t high on the spring break to-do list either. Make it a priority to get at least seven hours a night. Your brain can’t perform to its full potential without its proper rest. After a good night’s sleep you’ll feel more alert, focused and ready to crush the last half of spring semester.