‘It has been absolutely nuts,’ edible cookie dough shop Raw opens

Melissa Pierce (left), Kenzley Carroll (center) and Lauren Carroll (right) enjoy cookie dough from “Raw,” a new raw cookie dough bar that opened Thursday, February 8 in the Square. The cookie dough bar was opened by Bailey Dahliquist, a WKU junior.

Amelia Brett

It was a sunny day in Bowling Green as a line of customers stood outside the door waiting to select a flavor of cookie dough at Raw, an edible raw cookie dough shop.

Raw opened for the first time yesterday across from Fountain Square Park at 432 E. Main Ave. Bailey Dahlquist, an entrepreneurship major at WKU, got the idea from similar businesses in Chicago, Chloe Hohlbein, a Raw business partner, said. 

Hohlbein, a public relations major at WKU, said planning started in early November, but the renovation of the building took place in four days with help from Dahlquist’s parents. Since opening, the line was past the door, she said.

“It has been absolutely nuts,” Hohlbein said as Dahlquist and Raw employees worked with customers and handed out free samples.

She said social media played a large part in spreading awareness.

Hohlbein said she believes Dahlquist hoped for the turnout they received, but they weren’t prepared for the amount of people that arrived. The doors opened 15 minutes early to accommodate for the lines. 

“Looking out the window and seeing all those people was exciting,” Hohlbein said. “We hope there will be a line out the door every day like this.”

She said Raw will partner with schools in the future and host community events.

“The staff was super nice,” Madeline Schreck, a WKU student, said. “It’s really awesome to see someone open something in Bowling Green.”

Alexis Games, also a WKU student, said she likes that Raw offers a way to “pay it forward” by allowing customers to pay $3 to buy cookie dough for a veteran, mom or nurse.

Customers looked at the menu that featured flavors of chocolate chunk, s’mores, peanut butter, Oreo, chocolate chip, M&M, cake batter and gluten free cookie doughs. Small portions are $3, while large servings are $5.

“I like the chalkboard and signs,” Terri Pinkard, another customer, said as she stood in line across from a large wall section of chalk art. Pinkard said she thinks it’s great that a WKU student opened Raw.

“I think that’s incredible,” Claire Champagne said of a fellow student opening their own business. “I’m all for young adults starting their own business and taking charge of their future.”

Two other students from WKU, Emma Warnecke and Alyssa Wilhelm, stood in line with Champagne.

“It’s commendable,” Warnecke said of the business belonging to a student.

Warnecke said cookie dough shops are different from other businesses in Bowling Green, such as ice cream shops.

Wilhelm said Bowling Green doesn’t really have anything she has considered fun, but she believes Raw stands out.

Customers continued to line into Raw from outside the door five hours after opening as the sky grew dark. Normal closing hours will be 8 p.m. during the week and 9 p.m. on weekends. 

Reporter Amelia Brett can be reached at 270-745-6291 and [email protected]