These are the people navigating WKU’s future through a $15 million deficit


Ten people have been working to chart WKU’s future through a multi-million dollar deficit, and their recommendations will be presented at Friday’s Board of Regents meeting. 

Formed by President Timothy Caboni last August, the Budget Council was created to look at budget models from other universities, examine Kentucky’s performance based funding model, handle past and potential revenue shortfall and realign expenditure investments in a way to reward performance. 

When combined with the current $15 million deficit, the loss of $750,000 that funds the Kentucky Mesonet and the $7.3 million pension increase, WKU could have a $27.6 million budget reduction. Caboni has previously said the reduction is expected to be greater because of expected decreases in international enrollment.

The Herald has previously reported the deficit could potentially reach $40 million. 

However, the recommendations scheduled to be presented at Friday’s meeting, given by Budget Council Chair Indudeep Chhachhi, will be focused on how to “achieve a balanced budget within an overall target of $15 million in budget adjustments,” according to the board’s agenda

Meaning, these recommendations will solely address the university’s existing $15 million deficit. 

Here are the people who have spent the past five months working to address the deficit. 

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>Indudeep Chhachhi is the finance department chair and has been a professor of finance for over 27 years, according to his university bio. He is the chair of the council.</p>” id=”3b33ea33-4f79-44c0-b988-1fc39b681322″ style-type=”bio” title=”Indudeep Chhachhi” type=”relcontent”}}

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>Jim Cummings is the university’s chief financial officer. </p>” id=”232cce90-7084-4a17-8aee-eb4bdc42d190″ style-type=”bio” title=”Jim Cummings” type=”relcontent”}}

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>Laura DeLancey is an assistant professor and the coordinator of Electronic and Continuing Resources. According to her WKU bio, her primary responsibilities include "<span>facilitating the selection, acquisition, maintenance, licensing, and access to WKU’s online databases and journals." </span></p>” id=”86589599-fc3f-4152-9767-19f1fa2f6f26″ style-type=”bio” title=”Laura DeLancey” type=”relcontent”}}

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>Cindy Graham is the manager of Budgets and Resources for the Ogden College of Science & Engineering. </p>” id=”7d44db0c-b95d-4539-9437-f77edad14462″ style-type=”bio” title=”Cindy Graham” type=”relcontent”}}

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>Ladonna Hunton is the associate vice president for Academic Budgets and Administration. According to her bio, she was previously the director of Academic Resource Allocation. Her research interests are in higher education finance and includes "<span>issues of affordability and the financial challenges faced by financially independent undergraduate students."</span></p>” id=”5569ec74-5247-4a98-90e7-d8168c644d0f” style-type=”bio” title=”Ladonna Hunton” type=”relcontent”}}

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>Jeffrey Katz is the dean of the Gordon Ford College of Business and a professor of management. According to his WKU bio, he is a former Fulbright scholar and his research focuses on global competitors, strategic decision making and corporate governance. </p>” id=”e8582310-d042-43dc-9984-c3b76548b9cf” style-type=”bio” title=”Jeffrey Katz” type=”relcontent”}}

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>Jennifer Miller is the Internal Audit director. According to her university bio, she previously worked as an external auditor with BKD, LLP, a regional certified public account firm in Bowling Green, she spent six years as a credit analyst for U.S. Bank and worked at Fruit of the Loom, Inc. implementing financial auditing processes. </p>” id=”e4392ada-aa48-491e-bb52-4c77a6f9fd85″ style-type=”bio” title=”Jennifer Miller” type=”relcontent”}}

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>Savannah Molyneaux is the Student Government Association vice president. Prior to being elected vice president, Molyneaux was the chair of SGA’s Sustainability committee. </p>” id=”1c74d6f9-fe9c-49bb-a625-9947fce56f03″ style-type=”bio” title=”Savannah Molyneaux” type=”relcontent”}}

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>Eric Reed is the chair of the history department, and graduated with his Ph.D. from Syracuse University in 2001. According to his CV, he has published several academic articles focusing on the Tour de France.</p>” id=”4c3da047-9036-4847-8cde-916b89d513f7″ style-type=”bio” title=”Eric Reed” type=”relcontent”}}

{{tncms-inline content=”<p>Kim Reed is the assistant vice president for Resources Management. According to her university bio, he primary duties include "<span>developing, implementing, and monitoring the WKU Annual Budget including revisions." She’s also in charge of preparing WKU’s biennial budget request to the State Budget Director. </span></p>” id=”02aa77ae-c39f-46a9-8205-54cc0b985fd3″ style-type=”bio” title=”Kim Reed” type=”relcontent”}}

These names were provided to the Herald by Bob Skipper, director of media relations. Not included in the council, but listed as budget staff, is Stacy Garrett, associate budget director.