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Start your day off on the right track: Songs for the new semester

Mornings for students are typically the worst, especially in the beginning of the spring semester. The mornings are cold and maybe you’re not ready for classes again. Getting ready for the day and making your way to class can be tedious.

One thing that can always help your morning be more than a cold walk to the top of the Hill is music. Grab your headphones, your jacket and your books and check out these five tracks:

“it’s time to take my mask off” (ft. cat) by biosphere – This lo-fi track is a remix of Future’s “Mask Off” dubbed onto a chill beat track. Soft acoustic guitar licks and a nice tempo accompany the infamous rap track. Definitely a fun track to walk to or just play in the background while you study.

“Chilly” by NIKI – This track might feature some bittersweet breakup lyrics, but the overall tone and beat make this track spectacular. NIKI is a recent sign-up for record label 88rising, a production company that has recently helped make several Asian and Asian-American hip-hop and rap artists popular. The track does a callback to ‘90s style beats while keeping things new with somber lyrics and minor piano accents.

“Classic Battle” by Sam Spence – If your morning consists of a run, you may want to consider this track. Sam Spence primarily wrote music for films and athletic films. While this track is purely instrumental with a classic-style orchestra, something about it is bound to get your blood pumping.

“If We Were Ghosts” by Of Mice & Men – While OM&M is usually known for intense songs with pounding drums, shredding guitars and the booming voice of Austin Carlile, this track is a step away from their regular style. Coming from their newest album, “Defy,” listeners will find a mellow but upbeat tempo, soft vocals and some dynamic acoustic guitar work.  

“Pulaski at Night” by Andrew Bird – Coming from American songwriter and violinist Andrew Bird, this track is an amazing composition of folk blended with a hint of pop. The lyrics are catchy, the violin work is melodic and the soft drums in the background tie the whole song together. This track is great for a drive around town or a walk around campus.

Spencer Harsh can be reached at 606-416-7296 or [email protected].

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Start your day off on the right track: Songs for the new semester