Iggy Azalea won’t join OnlyFans

Iggy Azalea won’t join OnlyFans


Iggy Azalea would “never” join OnlyFans.

The ‘Fancy’ hitmaker insists she would never join the adult content site but she does think it can be “really empowering” for some men and women.

Asked if she’d ever have an OnlyFans account, she wrote on Twitter: “I think OnlyFans can be really empowering for people, But I WILL NEVER, EVER join. I don’t want to make that type of content and it only f**** up the bag for people on there who really about that life. Shoutout to the baddies tho! (sic)”

Iggy then helped her fans out by retweeting the links to their OnlyFans.

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old rapper previously admitted she thought she would need “lots of plastic surgery” after giving birth to her son Onyx with ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti.

She said: “I thought I’d have to get lots of plastic surgery, but then I didn’t have to get any. I didn’t get a stomach that I’d need to hide, and then with COVID, I was just like, ‘I’ll just keep it a secret. I don’t have to go outside.’ … I knew straight away. He was a planned baby. I just wondered if I would want to have more than one child, so I thought that maybe I should figure that out before I’m as old as dust.”

Iggy had previously admitted that childhood bullying led her to “self-sabotage”.

She explained: “There were people around me that I worked with who were like, ‘We love you and we think that you self-sabotage yourself’. I knew that it was true and I think a lot of it was because I got bullied in high school and made fun of because I was always very ridiculous and over the top.

“So it was hard for me in my adult life to be able to tell the difference between somebody being critical and constructive, and somebody bullying.”