Where to live based on your major, activities, and food choices

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Pick your dorm based on your major:

Nursing: McCormack Hall. Who’s more accident-prone than a group of freshmen boys away from home for the first time? Practice for your clinical skills tests under real-world pressure, and you’re sure to get an “A.”

Elementary Education: Zacharias Hall. Getting to and from student teaching sites can be a nightmare with WKU parking. At Zacharias, you’re within walking distance from W.R. McNeill Elementary.

Management: Meredith Hall. As a member of Chi Apple Pi, you can manage all of the PNM’s lives for the entire recruitment week and still coordinate philanthropy activities.

Biology: Hugh Poland Hall. You might have a long walk up to Ogden, but you’ve got a natural laboratory in your floor’s bathroom. There are plenty of organic samples for you to study.

Interdisciplinary Studies: Northeast Hall. You’re making your own course schedule. This hall puts you right in the middle of WKU’s academic buildings. 

Exercise Science: Douglas Keen Hall. You’ll be close to the Preston Center and your classes in Houchens-Smith Stadium. For your Colonnade classes, you’ll need to hike up the hill. You like exercise though, right?

Psychology: Pearce-Ford Tower. As the hall that houses the most students, PFT is the best place for you. You’ll have the largest sample size of people to ‘diagnose’ after taking PSY 100.

Agriculture: Bates-Runner Hall. You’ve got a learning lab right downstairs. Keep an eye on the vegetables at Subway to monitor for freshness and sustainable sourcing.

Mechanical Engineering: Southwest Hall. The hall’s elevator was inoperative for the majority of the fall semester and a couple students even got stuck inside. Maybe you can get extra credit if you figure out how to keep it running.

Accounting: Hilltopper Hall. Located in the newest, albeit not open, WKU dorm, a room in this hall comes with the biggest price tag. Use your money management skills to figure out how to finance your stay in this luxury dorm.

Pick your dorm based on your favorite activities:

Tailgating: PFT? Meredith Hall? Who really knows where we’re supposed to tailgate now that Hilltopper Hall has taken over the Valley.

Exercising: Keen or Poland. Preston is only a brief jog away. For those of you interested in an incline workout, PFT is the place for you. Living on the 23rd floor is a great way to get killer calves.

Greek life: The Valley. Want to spend your night partying but don’t want to drive? These dorms are the place for you. You’re only a short walk away from Greek Row, and when you feel a little wobbly at the end of the night, it’s only a short walk back.

Stargazing: Northeast. For all you stargazers out there, the planetarium offers shows on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. If you want to see some real stars, try PFT. Climbing 27 flights of stairs is sure to give you a great view.

Studying: Northeast and Southwest. Sure you still have to climb up the Hill to the library, but at least you’re already halfway there. It’s better than living in Zacharias.

Gaming: Minton and Bates. Do you like board games? Ping-pong? Pool? These halls put you just a short distance from Downing Student Union. Be sure to bring some change, though. Those games are no longer free.

Pick your dorm based on where you like to eat:

The Den: PFT. Can’t decide between pancakes or a grilled cheese stuffed with mozzarella sticks? Good news: you can have both. Take full advantage of your newly found freedom and delve into The Den, located conveniently next to the largest dorm on campus.

Einstein Bros. Bagels: Bemis. Only one building stands between you and the tastiest bagels this side of Guthrie.

DSU Food Court: Minton. The short walk from Minton to DSU will come in handy when the first snow hits Bowling Green and you realize you forgot to bring your winter coat to college. Sorry, mom.

Subway: Bates. Your dream of living above a Subway will finally come true. Bonus: this particular Subway is open late. Because we all know the one thing you’re craving at midnight is a sandwich.

Garrett Food Court/Panda Express: Northeast and Southwest. The directional halls are the closest you’re going to get to living at the top. Sorry about that.

Chili’s: The Valley. A moderate walk down Kentucky Street takes you to the famous campus Chili’s Grill and Bar, a favorite for many veteran students. The Cajun chicken pasta is definitely worth the eight-minute trek.