GALLERY: Vette City Con

Stephen Logsdon, 33, is attending second year at the Vette City Con and plans to keep coming to them as long as they keep having them. Logsdon dressed up as Harley Quinn and had handmade almost everything from the bat to the hammer. Vette City Con will be held for their second year of performances and event venues at the National Corvette Museum on Saturday Jan. 27, 2018 and Sunday Jan. 28, 2018.

The National Corvette Museum hosted the second year of Vette City Con over the weekend at the Corvette Museum. The event featured many vendors, artists and celebrities set up inside the museum. Many booths consisted of vendors selling collectable toys, props, artwork, clothing, photos and comics.

Like other comic conventions, people from surrounding states came dressed up as their favorite comic hero or villain, anime characters, game characters and other fictional characters. Those who dressed up, from children to adults, showed off their costumes and entered in the costume contest.