WKU triathlon team to host race on campus

Hope Currier

The 155 Indoor Triathlon will take place on Sunday, November 19th at the Preston Center on campus. 

The event will consist of two races, one starting at 12 p.m. and the other starting at 12:30 p.m. The race will include a 10-minute swim, a 30-minute stationary bike ride and a 15-minute run on an indoor track. 

Because the race is a shortened version of a standard triathlon, athletes of all skill levels are encouraged to attend.

The event was planned by the new WKU triathlon team in collaboration with the T3 Bowling Green Multisport Team, a local team that trains together for triathlons.

Mark Alcott, a member of the Bowling Green T3 Multisport Team, helped organize the event. Alcott said he hopes the event will help the new WKU triathlon team.

“We hope this event will give the new club energy and inform more WKU students that it was made,” Alcott said.

Olivia Little, the 21-year-old vice president of the WKU triathlon team, said they will use the event to reach out to WKU students. 

“This race is exciting because it is open for athletes of all abilities and the equipment is provided,” Little said. “Our club is still starting out, and we are using the 155 triathlon to reach out to other students.” 

Julia Borders, the president of WKU’s Triathlon team, said reaching out to students has been a challenge because students get a skewed vision of what the team is. Borders said members don’t have to participate in triathlons but do serve to be keep each other accountable for exercising.

“It has been hard to find students who are interesting in joining our team because many get intimidated by the word triathlon,” Borders said. “However, not all members of our team have to partake in triathlons. Our team can also just be an avenue for people to get connected and live a healthier lifestyle.”

Borders said they expect to see 20 participants in each race. Borders said she hopes the event will help the WKU Triathlon team to grow.

“We are hoping to find students who will be adventurous and take the leap with us to lead a healthier lifestyle,” Borders said.

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