OPINION: Finish the semester strong with these tunes

Spencer Harsh

The end is almost upon us. No, I’m not trying to sound like one of those hate-preachers that somehow has time in his day to harass students in Centennial Mall. Literally, the end of the semester is super close.

You’re probably stressing out over finals and end-of-the -semester projects. You’re group project is freaking you out because you’re pretty sure one team member has just straight up vanished from reality. Maybe you’ve realized you shouldn’t have skipped all those classes?

Whatever is freaking you out, here are five tracks that will hopefully help you finish out the semester strong:

1. Crisis (ft. 21 Savage) by Rich Chigga – Although this track title may be an accurate description of my GPA, it’s simply a good track. It’s got a good beat, a chill tone and has catchy lines. Yet again, it’s another single dropped by Indonesia’s up and coming rap superstar, Brian Imanuel. Will he ever drop a full album? We can can only hope so.

2. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac – Throwing in some classics can make anybody’s day better. This track from Fleetwood Mac is great for that morning walk up the Hill, a drive around Bowling Green or when you just need something to relax to. The relaxed tone of the track really helps when you’re up late studying, trying to turn that F into a respectable C minus.

3. Blue Ridge Mountains by Fleet Foxes – Whether you’re swinging in a hammock, walking around campus or driving to Tennessee, this track is sure to fit all of those situations with ease. This track features a journey of acoustic and vocal melodies that are sure to brighten any day.

4. Young Robot by Dance Gavin Dance – Want something a little energetic that possibly reminds you of your high phase? Check out the intricate guitar work, the catchy lyrics and soothing voice of Tilian Pearson. This track is simply fun to listen to when you’re working out, on a drive or just need something to get rid of silence.

5. Desperado by Johnny Cash – Nothing sounds quite like a good Johnny Cash song. One of Cash’s later works, this track is great for any moment where you need to relax or reflect for a moment. Give it a listen the next time you’re walking around campus or studying.