OPINION: New tracks to add to your fall playlist

Spencer Harsh

The leaves are changing colors and it’s the type of weather that makes you feel conflicted about wearing a sweater throughout the day. It’s kind of cold outside, but then it can also be really warm inside your 9 a.m. class in Cherry Hall.

One thing you don’t need to feel conflicted about is the fact you can also add some new tracks to your playlists to keep things fresh. The semester is reaching its boiling point with finals coming closer and closer. Take some time to de-stress with these tracks.

1. “Bluebird Story” by DJ Okawari ft. jumelles – This instrumental track is perfect for that morning walk down the Hill or that study session that will take the better part of your evening. The upbeat track in unison with the soft sounds of bird chirps and a jazzy piano will put you in a good mood.

2. “rock + roll” by EDEN – Ever want to listen to a mellow out track by an Irish solo-music-producer? Now you can with Johnathon Ng’s track about classic rock and the troubles that songwriters can face in their lives. The track carries a very catchy beat that also gives you the feeling of wanting to have some self-reflection.

3. “Chaos” by Rich Chigga – If 18-year-old Brian Imanuel from Jakarta, Indonesia, hasn’t gotten your attention in the hip hop and rap scene yet then this is the track for you. Chaos is the current summary of Imanuel’s career with lyrics like, “dressed like I don’t give a damn but I be ballin’ like LaVar / Gotta wait about three years until I could go to the bar.” The track is perfectly spooky enough for Halloween.

4. “Crawl Outta Love” by Illenium ft. Annika Wells – While the track starts with a melodramatic piano and singer, listeners will soon find that this a great song for their workout or daily commute due to it’s energetic chorus. Nick Miller, or Illenium, is phenomenal at taking listeners on a musical ride with his works.

5. “Can’t Find My Way Home” by Blind Faith – Coming from one of the first ever “super-groups,” this track is a pleasure to any listener. Whether you’re on a drive, walking around on campus or simply enjoying the a good day on the steps of the Colonnades, the blues-rock style of this track is the perfect track for that right moment.