Caboni prepares for his first Homecoming as president

Rebekah Alvey

For WKU’s president, this year’s Homecoming is an opportunity to connect with the community and show students their potential as an alumnus.

Thursday marked the kickoff for Homecoming events, the first at WKU for President Timothy Caboni since his time as a student.

“WKU does Homecoming remarkably well,” Caboni said.

Caboni received his masters degree in Organizational and Corporate Communications from WKU in 1994 and said Homecoming today is remarkably different from his time as a student. He said there is a “terrific contrast,” because of the increase in engagement.

The Homecoming theme this year was announced over the summer as “There’s no place like home.” Caboni said he appreciated the relevance to his coming home to WKU and the nod to his previous position at Kansas University.

Caboni said the theme and idea of home also elevates communities and can show the diversity on campus. He said he hopes the entire community of Bowling Green is engaged through Homecoming events and everyone shows up in full spirit throughout the weekend.

“WKU should be the university for the region,” Caboni said.

Because he was born and raised in New Orleans, Caboni said the theme also reflects his return to the South. He said he was looking forward to seeing the parade because of his memories of large, colorful floats from Mardi Gras.

Beyond the larger events in Homecoming, Caboni said he is looking forward to the smaller events held by individual groups. He said his schedule is packed with events throughout the weekend.

Overall, Caboni said Homecoming is about more than a game, it’s about showing students what their relationship with WKU can be after graduation and making WKU their “intellectual home.”

“It changes but has really just begun,” Caboni said.

Caboni said Homecoming celebrates WKU’s motto and purpose by illustrating potential to students that they can do more than get a degree, they can make a good life.

Anthony McAdoo, executive director of alumni engagement, said he and his team have been preparing for Homecoming all year and takes pride in the event. Already, McAdoo said he has attended events with Caboni and has several more planned.

Last year was the first Homecoming for McAdoo and he said he was blown away by the energy on campus and is curious if Caboni will have the same reaction.

McAdoo said he sees this Homecoming as an opportunity for Caboni to meet many people at once. He said there is a lot of curiosity surrounding Caboni, because he is WKU’s first new president in 20 years.

“We hope to get him in front of as many people as possible,” McAdoo said.

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