Five songs to add to your Homecoming playlist

Spencer Harsh

Homecoming is a wonderful time at WKU. Graduates new and old return to the campus they once called home. Current students get the opportunity to meet human beings that are a standing testament to the idea that college is something you can actually complete and survive.

The one thing that ties all of these Homecoming feelings and people together is not the food, the sea of WKU apparel or the beer that a super-alumni brought with them. It’s the music. Here are five tracks that will help you make memories and intimidate your tailgate surroundings this Homecoming.

1.) “And We Danced” – Macklemore (ft. Ziggy Stardust) – Everybody will have an opinion on this song if they don’t already. Being one of Mac’s earlier tracks that he composed without Ryan Lewis, it throws you back even further than “Thriftshop” or “Can’t Hold Us.” If you’re wanting a track that can get everyone moving and singing, as well as make your tailgating neighbors uncomfortable, then this is the track you want to blast out.

2.) “Only Want U” – Snails, NGHTMRE (ft. Akylla) – If you’re needing a track that proves dubstep isn’t dead then this is what you want blasting through your speakers. There’s no story or deeper meaning, just a heavily digitized beat and several bass hooks to get your head bopping.

3.) “Who Do You Love” – George Thorogood & The Destroyers – If you really want an older track to impress some of the alumni, you will want to throw this song into the mix. The rough and tumble rock ‘n’ roll tone will likely give some of the alumni a flashback to the good ol’ days. Just keep in mind that this track was actually written by Bo Diddley. (The Thorogood version is just a little better.)

4.) “Kashmir” – Led Zeppelin – Everyone has probably heard this track at some point in their lives. Released in 1975, this track has been all over the radio, movies and is usually a staple in any classic rock enthusiast’s library. The easy-going beat and Jimmy Page’s melodic guitar is sure to set that good mood you’re looking for.

5.) “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” – Cage the Elephant – No track would be better suited for a Homecoming event at WKU. Since this band is from Bowling Green, this track might as well be the anthem for the city. The track features modern rock elements, but keeps things grooving and carries an extremely catchy chorus. Turn this track on and watch the people sing.