LETTER TO THE EDITOR: perspective of a theater and dance student

Taylor Huff


Strap in Matt Bevin, it’s time for a reality check: every major is useful. Every study is useful. That is what makes the sphere of human knowledge so efficient and resilient. Together, there is almost nothing we do not know, and what we do not know, we possess the collective skill to discover. Eliminating an entire facet of this sphere at the collegiate level would be an incalculable mistake. If I am making enough money to survive, support family, friends and strangers in need and achieve fulfillment through my path of study and career choice, I am happier than I could ever be picking a major/study/job that my government, or rather, one particular person in my government, said I should have just because the numbers look good on paper. What this comes down to is how “success” is measured. I respect Bevin’s aim to improve the state’s economic situation, I really do, but his vectors are misplaced. Colleges deciding to cut “interpretive” dance programs, or any arts programs for that matter, would be a horrible misconstrual of where the cause lies.

Many theater and dance departments , like at WKU, receive no funding from the university. We operate solely on ticket sales. We are self-sufficient and many arts departments at universities across the country work in this same way.

To say that cutting “interpretive” dance programs would save money is not only wrong, but self-handicapping. A department that you do not have to fund that pulls any number of students toward your university is a financial win. So Matt Bevin, in conclusion, I call your $10, and I raise you $50.