Kappa Sigma attempts to break flip cup world record

Mason Davis

The Kappa Sigma fraternity attempted to break the record for the largest game of flip cup Monday in Centennial Mall. They fell short on the mark but managed to raise money for veterans and their families.

Tables were topped with red cups filled with water, and lined with students competing as either teams or individuals.

For those unfamiliar, flip cup is played by drinking the contents of the cup, and then setting it on the edge of the table and flipping it to where it falls sitting flat with the rim on the table. Kappa Sigma had participants in line on both sides of the stretch of tables speeding to finish.


Louisville sophomore Hannah Gosden was participating in the event. She was in a team with her sisters from the Sigma Kappa sorority.

“I just showed up and thought it would be cool to do. I mean, I’m trying to get in the book of world records,” said Gosden.

Around 75 participants were present, not surpassing the world record. It is currently held by the Chicago Cubs, who, with the help of fans, set the record with 200 participants in 2016.

“We were trying to break a world record. We don’t think we’re necessarily going to do that but we’ll get as many people to participate as possible, raise some money,” said Kappa Sigma chapter president Billy Adams.

Adams mentioned that the fraternity may try to do this event again and possibly break the record at some point in the future.

The event is kicking off their Kappa Sigma America Week, in which they are holding philanthropic events to benefit the Military Heroes Campaign, which supports military veterans and their families. They will be hosting other events throughout the week, such as go cart racing at the Corvette Museum and a water balloon tournament.

Reporter Mason Davis can be reached at [email protected].