WKU freshman class now elected into SGA Senate after weeks of campaigning

Logan Hornback, a freshman majoring in journalism, has been elected as a senator on the Student Government Association. “I wanted to be a part of an active change,” Hornback said. “There is a lot done behind the scenes in SGA that the students don’t see. We are all working so hard to ensure everyone is well represented.”

Noah Moore


Most students see their freshman year of college as a balancing act between social activities, homework and somehow mustering four hours of sleep a night. However, few see their freshmen year as the chance to write legislation, convene with student leaders and represent their peers like the recently elected Student Government Association freshmen senators do.

Although SGS held elections two weeks ago, the elects are still fraught with excitement and passion.

Freshman Logan Hornback is a recently elected senator at large, so she will represent the entire university, as opposed to solely the freshmen class. When asked about her reaction to winning, she said she was “excited, a tad bit surprised perhaps? But more than anything, anticipating the year that lies ahead.”

Hornback is a journalism major with a focus on communications and wants to reiterate that although her position is on a college campus, it doesn’t change the stakes.

“Any one person, no matter how big or small, can make a remarkable difference if they are determined enough,” Hornback said.

Morehead freshman Corey Newsome is majoring in business economics. He is an active member of the nationally-ranked Forensics team as well.

Newsome said he has goals in this newfound role.

“I want to grow as a listener and speaker while communicating the progress that students would like to see on campus,” Newsome said.

Newsome isn’t alone in being a forensics team member in SGA — Ashlyn Jones, freshman at-large senator from Louisiana, is also a member and majors in political science. Jones said she had been interested in politics for as long as she can remember.

“I see SGA as an incredible platform to engage in politics at a campus level, while improving the quality of life for WKU’s students as well,” she said.

With such a foundation, Jones sees no end to her political involvement, citing plans for a career in politics.

“But in the end it comes down to your willingness to work and listen to everyone, especially to those whose voices often aren’t heard,” Jones said.

Freshman senator Will Harris is a corporate and organizational communications major and has always enjoyed being a representative of students. This drew him to run for a position in SGA.

“Being a campus leader requires the ability to see all sides,” Harris said. “I will always represent the voice of the students.”

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