WKU organization receives Gold Star Status

Emily DeLetter

The WKU chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars recently was recognized nationally with Certified Gold Star Status. Faculty adviser Leslie North was also named Regional Faculty Adviser of the Year.

Star Status is awarded annually to high-achieving chapters at colleges and universities. According to the NSCS website, there are different levels of Star Status, awarded based on how engaged chapters are on their respective campuses. WKU received Certified Gold, only two levels below the highest award of Platinum.

This is the third year WKU has received Certified Gold Status, Chapter President Kate Moffitt said.


“It takes a lot of work to put on events and submit the paperwork afterwards,” Moffitt said. “But [North] is always there to help with any technology work we need and the things we can’t do as students.”

Moffitt said North has been extremely helpful and active with the group.

“She’s very active within NSCS, which is a big help organizing and getting things done,” Moffitt said.

Founded in 2013, the WKU chapter of NSCS focuses on service, particularly scholarly development and the promotion of college readiness. Associate professor of environmental geoscience North, who is also a faculty adviser since the chapter began, co-advising for a year before taking over as the main advisor. North said she was shocked to learn she had won Regional Faculty Advisor.

“I had no idea it was even a thing at first, much less that I’d won it,” North said. “It means a lot, but it’s most rewarding for me to see how the students are involved [with the chapter] every year.”

During the last academic year, the WKU chapter participated in events and various activities on and around campus. Last year, the chapter hosted an event on campus during finals week where they passed out encouraging notes to students, as well as several game nights.

They also held several holiday-related events in Bowling Green last year, including a school supply collection, Christmas drive for several charities and an Easter egg hunt for Potter Children’s Home.

The main charity that NSCS focuses on is called PACE, or Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence. WKU’s chapter works with PACE primarily through middle school students. Every week, a group of NSCS students tutor and answer questions about college.

“The idea is to get the kids prepared early on to be successful,” North said. “For kids that are struggling, it’s a friend and a tutor if they need it.”

North said WKU has several goals for their chapter as they move forward. Along with continuing to develop a community relationship with WKU and Bowling Green, North said NSCS is hoping to gain a more participation within the club.

“We want the students in NSCS to be here and be excited about being here,” North said. “With more participation, we can make a bigger impact on our community.”

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