Open forum held for advertising, public relations and pop culture move

Kaitlyn Craft

An open forum was held on Wednesday night to discuss the move of the advertising, public relations and pop culture programs from the School of Journalism and Broadcasting to the Department of Communication.

Larry Snyder, dean of Potter College, along with department heads and professors, were at the forum to answer any questions from students about moving the majors, which went into effect on July 1.

Kelly Scott, who helped organize the forum, said “Dean Snyder wants to keep open communication” about what is happening with the move.

There were a few concerns from the students about what their classes would look like and if any classes for them would change.

“If you’re currently in the major, nothing will change,” Snyder said. “It allows for you to have other opportunities.”

The students who are now in the majors of advertising, public relations or pop culture will keep their same classes and class plans, but the change will be more noticeable to newer students coming into the majors. The freshman who are in one of the majors will be in the new class plans, but if a student was already in the major prior to the move, nothing changes for them and they will continue as if nothing had changed.

“The goal is not to lessen, but to expand your opportunities,” Snyder said.

There were also questions about the journalism classes that are required in some of the majors and if they will still be required or an option for advising or public relations majors. There will still be requirements for journalism classes in the majors and there will be access to everything that the students had access to before the move.

One student started a discussion about where the students of these majors will be placed to have all their classes.

“The idea is to eventually have everyone together,” Snyder said.

The Department of Communication currently holds classes in the Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center, while advertising and public relations classes are currently in Jody Richards Hall, formerly Mass Media and Technology Hall.

Maddie McClure, a sophomore public relations major, said she was slightly concerned about what the classes would look like and if they would change. However, she said that she is still excited to be in the major and work with the School of Journalism and Broadcasting, in addition to the department of communications.

“I am excited about what being in the communications department can offer,” McClure said.

Lexi Galvan, a senior and public relations major, explained when she first discovered the major would be changing schools she was concerned about what the public relations majors were going to learn and if it would be different from what she had learned.

“My biggest fear initially going into it was that we’re going to go back in time,” Galvan said. “It was important to me that I knew that the other students had access to what I had access to.”

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