Eclipse serves as a bonding moment for WKU students

WKU students Shante Parker (left), Nyill Brooks (center) and Shante Smith pose in matching t-shirts during the eclipse Monday.

Rebekah Alvey

Three WKU students used the historic eclipse as a way to bond and spend time together.

Florence sophomore Shante Smith, Cincinnati sophomore Nyill Brooks and Louisville sophomore Shante Parker all watched the eclipse wearing matching “Keep Calm and Eclipse On” shirts.

Brooks said their friend group was extremely excited about the total eclipse in Bowling Green. To show their enthusiasm they bought the matching shirts from Kroger and wanted to spend the whole day together.

Brooks was glad WKU had dedicated the entire day to the eclipse and cancelled classes until 4:00 p.m. The group first came outside to watch the sun at 1:00 p.m., when the majority of the sun was covered.

Brooks was interested in watching the eclipse because it may be the only time he is this close to one, and said he was lucky to be at WKU. He said it was exciting to see the transformation of their environment while the moon was passing the sun.

The eclipse wasn’t exactly what Brooks expected and he described it as a “pitch black circle.” Smith said as the sun was completely covered by the moon, she was screaming from excitement.

While experiencing the eclipse was exciting, Brooks said it was also a bonding moment for the three friends.

“We had each other and wanted to be together,” Brooks said.

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