WKU submits sexual misconduct documents to court

Monica Kast

WKU has submitted Title IX documents requested by the College Heights Herald for review to a Warren Circuit Court judge, according to a Notice of Compliance from the Warren Circuit Court.

The documents, requested last year, related to faculty and staff members of the university who have violated the sexual misconduct policy. 

In May, the university was directed to turn over full, unredacted documents to Warren Circuit Court Judge Steve Wilson for review within 60 days. WKU did not meet the original deadline to submit the documents but did meet the extended deadline, Aug. 14, set by Wilson.

WKU submitted redacted and unredacted Title IX documents originally requested by the Herald last year, as well as an index explaining the redactions.

Additionally, WKU submitted “copies of Title IX documents that are exempt in their entirety” under Kentucky Revised Statute 61.878, which exempts certain public documents from inspection.

“For the sake of compromise and in order to allow this Court to better understand the facts and issues in this case, WKU has submitted all of the Title IX documents to the Court for an in camera review so that the Court may ultimately decide whether this case should be stayed,” the Notice of Compliance states.

The Warren Circuit Court will schedule a hearing within 30 days of Aug. 14, “to determine the appropriate next steps in the litigation,” according to the notice.

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