Students celebrate a day off school

solar eclipse graphic

Emma Collins

Katie Defevers laughed as she tossed an empty Coke bottle down the bleachers of WKU’s football stadium. Her classmate Camden King looked up just in time to catch it.

Both students wore lanyards with solar eclipse viewing cards and fidgeted with them as they spoke. The viewing cards and lanyards were provided by WKU.

“It’ll be really dark for a second, then it’ll get really bright for a second,” King said describing what he thought the eclipse would like.

Defevers and King, eighth graders from Murphysville, were just two kids in a stadium of hundreds who had travelled to WKU to view the solar eclipse. The event in the L.T. Smith Stadium was open to any school not in the path of totality, according to WKU’s eclipse webpage.

Defevers said her class had been learning about the eclipse for a few days in preparation for their field trip to Bowling Green. She said she didn’t know what the eclipse would like, but she was excited.

But the eclipse, said Defevers, wasn’t the best part of the day. She was just happy to get a break from school.

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