A Q&A with Bassh’s Jimmy Brown

Andrew Critchelow

Nashville-based rock band Bassh headlined the 14th annual Mayhem Fest on Saturday, hosted by Revolution 91.7. Taking place at the SoKY Marketplace in Bowling Green, other bands on the bill included Morning Teleportation, Heron and Crane and Spirit Week.

Formed in 2015, Bassh is a collaboration between brothers-in-law Jimmy Brown (lead vocals/guitar) and CJ Hardee (bass). The band received recognition upon releasing their first single “Body” that same year, a song recorded by producer Bill Reynolds.

The band soon after started working with former Cage the Elephant guitarist Lincoln Parish, and released their next single “Animal” in collaboration with him in 2016. The band plans to release their first full-length effort later this year, a “mini-album” entitled “For Kathryn.”

The band has performed at clubs and festival slots around the country over the past two years, and will appear later this year at the Hangout Music Festival in Alabama. Brown took time before Bassh’s performance in Bowling Green to talk to the Herald about the band’s history and plans for the future.

Tell me a little bit about how initially Bassh came together.

Bassh came together through us making a record with Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses, Avett Bros, Lissie.) We only ended up releasing one of those songs  (Body)  and things starting picking up pretty quickly after that.

Despite not releasing a full-length effort, the band has received nation-wide attention for the singles you’ve released. How does it feel to receive acclaim as such a young group? 

We were humbled and blown away by the reception to both singles. It’s been a lot of fun, and now we got some new tunes we are about to put out!

What is the collaborative process like between you two?

It’s usually pretty quick, we bounce off each other, and sometimes we don’t know if something’s good until a few weeks later when our heads are not so deep in it, if that makes sense.

Your single “Body” has been played extensively on Revolution 91.7, and now you’re headlining the Mayhem Fest. How much do you credit community and college radio to your success so far? 

We’ve had great support from college radio stations across the country, and we wouldn’t be where we are at without it.

What was it like working with former Cage the Elephant guitarist Lincoln Parish? 

Lincoln has been cool;  we’ve worked a lot with him now. In fact, the next record is co-written with and produced by Lincoln. We all get along really well and have a good laugh making noise together.

You’ve played  a lot of club dates along with festival slots, do you prefer one over the other? Why or why not? 

I’m big into festival slots because it’s outdoors and more chilled out, and there’s usually a good party going on somewhere after.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming mini album?

It’s next level for us. We are stoked to put it out; you’ll have to check it out to see what it sounds like.

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