Nellans ticket has intersectional approach to governance

Carolyn Evans

Letter to the Editor:

To Whom It May Concern:

As a former student of Western Kentucky University, I have fond memories from my time on the Hill. However, it is incredibly difficult for me to talk about college without reflecting on the less happy memories of my education.

I witnessed countless microaggressions committed against many different positionalities. Consequently, as a queer woman and an alum of WKU, I felt compelled to write a letter expressing my support for the candidacy of Lily Nellans and Brian Anderson.

As competitive debaters, Brian and Lily are internationally recognized for their ability to speak. As your representatives, they would be recognized across campus for their ability to listen. Lily is committed to social justice, as she has researched in Sarajevo, attended the Women’s March and advocated for the Bowling Green Fairness Ordinance. As a lifelong resident of Kentucky, Brian has a passion for representing the communities he grew up in.

Both candidates care deeply about fostering an inclusive campus. Lily and Brian’s intersectional approach to governance is one that students, faculty and alumni can get excited about. Their campaign platform includes policies like pushing for Title IX information to be on every syllabus, advocating for safe spaces and fairness ordinances, working to ensure that WKU police have diversity and sensitivity training and creating spaces that welcome international students, just to name a few.

If you haven’t read their platform, I highly encourage every student to check it out at You will not find two candidates more qualified, more caring, and more capable of representing the diverse community at WKU.

Letter submitted by Carolyn Evans, WKU Class of 2016