Next student body president elected to office

From left to right) Louisville sophomore Savannah Molyneaux, Louisville sophomore Andi Dahmer, La Grange sophomore Kara Lowry and Buckner freshman Conner Hounshell gather for a hug after hearing the election results at midnight Wednesday in the SGA Chamber. Dahmer was elected student body president while Molyneaux was elected executive vice president and Lowry was elected administrative vice president.   

Jamie Williams

Louisville sophomore Andi Dahmer was announced as the next student body president as Student Government Association elections came to a close shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

Dahmer, who is currently a senator and chair of the MyCampusToo committee, was overwhelmed with gratitude after her win.

“I could not have done any of this without my team,” Dahmer said. “We’ve been working at it for months.”

Out of 1,579 votes cast in the election, Dahmer received 930 votes. Kenan Mujkanonvic received 305 votes while Lily Nellans received 212.

The senate chambers erupted into cheers as Dahmer’s name was called, and she received hugs from various members of her campaign while close to tears.

After the results, Dahmer was excited to reward herself with a chocolate milkshake.

“I’ve been so nervous I’ve barely eaten anything all day,” she said with a laugh.

Dahmer is already working on two pieces of legislation to start off her presidential career. These bills will focus on improving retention rates, especially in marginalized groups, which was a large part of Dahmer’s campaign.

The bills aim to help students afford study abroad opportunities, which have been shown to improve retention, and to support sensitivity training throughout the student body. This training would teach students how to positively interact with minority groups such as the LGBT+ community.

Savannah Molyneaux, Dahmer’s running mate and current chair of the Sustainability committee, was elected executive vice president. Kara Lowry, also on Dahmer’s ticket and current secretary of the senate, was elected administrative vice president.

Elected to senator positions were Lucas Knight and Emily Houston as senior student senators and Luke Edmunds, Amy Wyer, and Ashley Cox as junior student senators. Ryan Richardson, Savannah Reynolds, and Conner Hounshell were elected sophomore student senators.

Twelve students were elected student senators at large: Lily Nellans, Kenan Mujkanovic, Ian Hamilton, Zach DeBord, Jordan Tackett, William Hurst, Asha McWilliams, Dillon McCormick, Jacob Giannelli, Morgan Wysong, Divya Gangavelli and Deekshita Madas.

In addition to the elected positions, all six referendums were passed including resolutions making the SAVES (Standing Against Violence and Ending Self-harm), MyCampusToo, and Sustainability committees permanent.

The other three resolutions included lowering the SGA’s GPA requirement from a 2.5 to a 2.0, creating regional campus ambassadors in the SGA, and making executive discretionary spending reports more accessible to the senate.

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