Warm spring weather requires chill tunes

Spencer Harsh

As the weather heats up, more and more students are hopefully going to spend some spare time outside. Nothing beats taking in some fresh air and soaking up some rays in-between classes or at the end of the day. Doing so can do wonders for stress relief and relaxation in the busy life of the college student.

If you grab a meal, take it outside and enjoy the weather. If you are hanging out with friends, find a grassy spot near some trees to hang out and relax in. Be sure to set some time aside for some rest and relaxation as the semester gets closer and closer to ending.

Of course, all this can also be even more enjoyable when listening to some music! Here are five tracks to add to your playlist for the warm-weather days!

1. HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar 

This tracked dropped from Kendrick Lamar on March 30 as a lead into what is being speculated as a new album release for April 7. The track, in the style of Kendrick Lamar, is simply fun to listen to. You may relax with it, or you may work out to it. New album or not, this new track is taking the hip-hop scene by storm and is something that needs to be checked out.

2. Setting it Off by Peter Wolf Crier

Looking to add something to your morning playlist or a new track to relax to? Add this indie-style track into the mix and let its relaxed beat and tempo liven up your day. A fun fact is that Peter Wolf Crier is only a duo-band consisting of Peter Pisano and Brian Moen. 

3. So Hi So Lo by Matisyahu

Have you ever thought about listening to reggae-style music from a Jewish rapper? Well, now you have. Add this track to the playlist you listen to in-between classes, wake up to or drive to or if your reggae-style music from a Jewish rapper playlist lacks some artists. The positive vibe and message of this track make it a blast to listen to.

4. Wouldn’t You Believe It by Arlo Guthrie 

This track from folk legend Arlo Guthrie is an acoustic ride. The tune is good to relax to, but it also has “road-trip” vibe to it. Give it a listen and see where it fits in your day-to-day. Alternatively, just take a road trip and ignore all your responsibilities.

5. Heartburn by Wafia

This pop-style track features modern flairs and an upbeat tempo. Not to mention that singer Wafia Al-Rakibi simply has a magnificent voice. This song is great to listen to as you’re headed to your morning class, while you’re relaxing in a hammock or even while you are going for a run. Wafia is relatively new to the music scene, but her modest discography has already gained a lot of attention and she may be an artist you want to keep an eye on in the future.