Christian group hosts ladies’ night

Sally Wegert

The male leadership of Christian Student Fellowship at WKU will host a ladies’ night event in keeping with a nearly five-year tradition.

“Ladies’ night is just something special to honor the women in our lives and make them feel valued,” Chris Hughes, a student intern with CSF, said.

Hughes, 20, took on the role of planning the event and choosing this year’s theme – “a night under the stars.” The evening will be complete with a hand-cooked meal, entertainment and a devotion, each detail orchestrated by student volunteers.

“It’s seriously one of the sweetest things that happens all year,” Alli Lawson, who is also an intern with CSF, said. “All of the girls get all dressed up and the guys go pick flowers and decorate and all that. It was really special to me as an underclassman and I’m glad this won’t be my last one.”

Lawson recently accepted a full-time staff position with CSF following her May 2017 graduation date, and said she will be focusing her efforts on reaching out to the campus community and incoming freshmen in hopes that CSF could be a place students feel they belong.

Annika Bingham, a first-year communication disorders student, has been going to CSF since relocating to Bowling Green in August. In addition to attending special events and weekly meetings, she spends her free time in the CSF building and said she feels at home there.

“It’s just kind of a safe haven, almost,” Bingham said. “You know there’s going to be people you’re friends with, and if not you’ll make more friends. If it’s dinnertime and you don’t have anyone to eat with, you can come to CSF and it’s fun and nice and welcoming.”

Bingham said she felt under-informed and unsure of what to expect about the upcoming ladies night.

“They told us that ladies’ night is this night, but they don’t say much more than that,” Bingham said. “I guess my expectations are pretty low because I don’t really know how the boys are going to pull it off. I guess it’s just a time for us to not do homework and be a girl for an hour or so.”

Although the volunteers are keeping the details of their preparations under wraps until the night of the event, Hughes said he expects a larger turnout than in years past, and is making space to accommodate more women.

“CSF as a whole has grown so much in just the last year,” Hughes said. “This year we may have over 100 ladies; we’ll see.”

Although the event will be hosted by the men of Christian Student Fellowship, it is open for any female college students to attend.

“We also want ladies who aren’t involved with CSF to come and feel loved and feel cared for and feel special,” said Hughes. “We’re a gospel-centered organization. Everything we do is ultimately all about Christ and making His love known to those around us.”

The CSF ladies’ night will take place at Bowling Green Christian Church at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 6.

 Reporter Sally Wegert can be reached at (270) 745-0655 and [email protected]