Young Democrats active again after short hiatus

Jamie Williams

The WKU Young Democrats are planning more events to be active on campus after its meeting on Wednesday.

In the past, the Young Democrats have participated in events such as phone banking and registering WKU students of any political party to vote. The organization has been mostly dormant since encouraging students to attend debate watch parties for the presidential election last semester.

Noah Rudloff, president of the organization, said the group decided to start back up to provide students with a progressive, open-minded atmosphere.

“We noticed that the College Republicans had a pretty strong presence on campus, and we wanted to give the left-leaning students a more open atmosphere as well,” Rudloff said.

During the meeting, the Young Democrats planned a debate for its next meeting so members can practice sharing and discussing their viewpoints. The debate will center around healthcare policy, and various members will represent left-leaning, right-leaning and moderate viewpoints.

While this debate will serve as practice within the organization, the Young Democrats may sponsor a larger debate including outside students and cover other topics later in the semester.

“I think a debate could be really cool and garner a lot of interest,” Rudloff said.

The organization also plans to have a fast food fundraiser to raise money for future projects. The fundraiser will partner the organization with a restaurant, and proceeds from sales will go toward putting on future events.

The group also talked about sending some representatives to the Kentucky Young Democrats Convention in June. Rudloff said the convention would give the organization opportunities to meet with other Young Democrat groups and democratic leaders from across Kentucky.

Rudloff also said it would show other Young Democrat chapters that WKU’s chapter is becoming more active.

“I’m sure there will be presidents from other chapters there,” Vice President Ellie Young said. “Since we are a new chapter, it would be cool to meet those people and see what they’re doing.”

A few candidates for the Student Government Association  presented their platforms to students at the meeting. Executive candidates Lily Nellans and Brian Anderson discussed their ideas for strengthening the voice of the student body, including lowering unnecessary student fees and paying WKU student workers a better wage.

Current senator William Hurst also spoke on his re-election and said he hopes to one day be the chair of the SAVES, or Standing Against Violence and Ending Self-harm, committee.

The WKU Young Democrats meet bi-weekly, and the next meeting will be April 19 in Grise Hall.

Reporter Jamie Williams can be reached at 270-745-6011 and [email protected]