Dahmer ticket provides the commitment SGA needs

Emily Houston

Letter to the Editor:

I met Andi Dahmer in 2015 when we both came to interview for the Cherry Presidential Scholarship at WKU, and my mom, step-dad and I were all amazed by her.

She sat at the same table with us at the luncheon, and she was already so self-assured in her plans for attending WKU. She seemed put together and professional, and I remember leaving that day knowing that whoever else was there, Andi would be one of the recipients of the scholarship. What amazed me most that day, however, was not how ambitious and, to be frank, perfect she seemed—it was how friendly she was.

Andi should have been intimidating to me that day (after all, we were competing with each other), but instead, she seemed genuine and open, the type of person I would hope to meet and befriend at WKU. Every interaction that followed proved my first assumptions correct. Andi is ambitious, intelligent, dependable, capable and, in my opinion, the friendliest person on this campus.

At H4, she was loud and proud when she declared that she wanted to be Student Government Association president one day, and now she is running to do just that. I have served on Senate with her for two years now, and I have witnessed firsthand as Andi continually stands in front of everyone with legislation that is meant to better all of WKU for every student here. She is a storm all on her own. She has poured herself tirelessly into SGA: writing more bills, taking on more responsibilities and dedicating herself more fully than anyone else I know in Senate.

Her team, Savannah Molyneaux and Kara Lowry, further provide the kind of commitment and dependability that SGA needs. Both have been in SGA for the majority of their time on campus, and both have been committed to serving WKU students. Savannah has helped the Sustainability Committee become a large campus presence, and her initiatives have been successful at helping WKU become a more sustainable university.

Her first piece of legislation was to increase vegetarian food options on campus (which led to the addition of grilled cheese at Steak ‘n Shake), and since then, she has continued to improve this campus, with initiatives like the to-go containers at Fresh Food Company and game day recycling.

Kara has dedicated herself to serving on multiple committees throughout her time as a Senator, and she is currently the Secretary of the Senate. She dedicates herself fully to her obligations, whether that be office hours, serving on Organizational Aid, writing legislation and helping out in any way she can.

Who has my vote is not a question that ever garnered debate for me. No one compares to these three when it comes to passion, dedication, dependability and accessibility to students. They will fight to be a dependable source for every student, for diversity, and for sustainability, because they already have fought for all of these, and I would not trust the future of SGA in any hands but their own.

Letter Submitted by Emily Houston