Dahmer, Molyneaux ‘best and most qualified candidates’

Michael Shelton

When I was starting my second year at WKU I decided to start becoming more involved and the very first organization that I decided to join was the Student Government Association.

Sitting with all the other senators, I began to look around and noticed someone who seemed to be bubbling with excitement. This person was Andi Dahmer. My first impression of Andi was of her overall friendliness, but as I came to know her more I realized a lot about her. She was passionate, genuine and a true leader. 

While I was a senator, I was nervous to ever speak up or propose legislation because I didn’t want to do it wrong and I was scared to ask for help. This was not the case for Andi. It seemed like right away she began drafting legislation and searching for ways to make the university a better place for all students.

I could tell for her being elected was not something that she wanted to pad her resume, rather it was a way that she saw she could enact true change for Hilltoppers. Fast-forward to the spring semester and that is when I first met Savannah Molyneaux. She, like Andi, exuded passion. She hit the ground running on writing her first pieces of legislation to make the campus a better place for students.

This past year they have had the opportunity to lead two of the newest, and in my opinion most important, committees within SGA. Savannah has led the sustainability committee, which has a huge following and lots of success. Andi has led MyCampusToo and has worked to make the campus more inclusive and accepting of all.

I firmly believe these two ladies are the best and most qualified candidates to be WKU SGA president and executive vice president. They have a track record of writing and passing legislation that aims to better the campus. However, these pieces of legislation are not simply of their own opinion. They represent the student voice. I have many times heard from the both of them that they came up with legislation as a result of conversations with students and I know that this is something that will continue if they are elected.

Also, we are in need of a strong executive team because of the transition to Dr. Caboni. We need a team that is willing to work with him and can represent the student body well. It is imperative that these individuals start SGA on a positive note with Dr. Caboni because it will shape SGA executive teams in the future. If the team is too argumentative or isn’t willing to compromise, it could result in decisions that are not good for the student body.

I urge all students to vote for these two passionate leaders as SGA president and SGA executive vice president. They are the most qualified, they have an ability to be firm, but also compromise, they have authored many pieces of legislation to better the campus climate and they have a level of care for the university and for their future Hilltoppers that is truly unmatched.

Letter by Michael Shelton