SGA supports military students through legislation

Jamie Williams

The Student Government Association approved two pieces of legislation to help WKU’s military students during its Tuesday meeting.

The senate voted in favor of a resolution that would support giving priority registration to Army ROTC students and in favor of providing funding to Textbooks for Troops.

“It’s a way to show these students that they’re not just a number — that WKU cares about them,” said Kent Johnson, WKU Military Student Services coordinator.

Currently, student groups “deemed to have special scheduling needs” are allowed to schedule during priority registration. ROTC cadets are required to take additional military classes and have training three days per week, which can make scheduling difficult.

Additionally, ROTC students who receive a scholarship sign a contract stating they will graduate within a specific timeframe. If they fail to meet the requirement, they may have to finish their degree using personal funds.

“It’s definitely a big issue,” ROTC student John Kello said. “I’ve seen this happen a couple times. I’m only a freshman, but I’ve seen this happen to some friends of mine.”

The senate also approved funding for the Textbooks for Troops program, which loans books to eligible military students for free. The program runs solely on donations, and the $300 from SGA will help keep the program from cutting back.

“It’s become such a cultural norm now — they know about it, they’re spreading the word — that we would hate for us to have to cut back on that program,” Johnson said.

Textbooks for Troops is a program unique to WKU and has helped over 1,900 students since it began in 2011. According to WKU Military Student Services, the program has helped more than 171 students during this semester alone. In addition to providing books to students at WKU’s main campus, the program serves regional campuses and even students abroad.

During the meeting, Chief Justice Cody Cox announced the judicial council had selected its next chief justice and associate chief justice. Annalicia Carlson was selected to be the next chief justice, and Lane Hedrick was selected to be the next associate chief justice.

While the judicial council selected Carlson and Hedrick, the two must receive approval from the senate before they officially take their positions.

Cox also announced Spring election applications are due April 4.

The next SGA meeting will be held next Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. in Downing Student Union.

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