Vehicle crashes into stairs at Raymond Cravens Library entrance

Officer S. Harmon (left) and Officer C. Keen (right) of the WKU Police Department Investigate the scene of a car wreck on Wednesday, March 22. According to Officer Keen, the driver was intoxicated and a non student.

SarahBeth Davis

A vehicle drove into the entrance stairs of Raymond Cravens Library Wednesday night, damaging a rail.

A Ford Explorer was driven into the grass around the entrance and crashed into the stairs around 8:20 p.m. by an intoxicated driver, according to WKU police. The driver was taken into custody.

Police said he was a not a WKU student.

No one was injured during the accident, but there is significant damage to the stairs and railing in front of the library.

While the stairs leading up to the library is blocked off, neither the library nor the road by it will be closed because of the wreck.