In ‘weird’ weather, diversify your playlist

Spencer Harsh

With the inconsistent weather and flu epidemic plaguing the existence of every student, things may be getting hectic. On top of that, mid-terms are drawing near and your fifth-week assessment may have caught your attention. However, you’ve got a game plan and you’re not going to let some weird weather or that classmate that doesn’t cover their mouth when they cough stop you from having a great semester.

In the midst of all the chaos this semester, be sure you set aside some time to relax. One of best ways to do that may be to sling-up a hammock somewhere on campus when the weather cooperates, listen to some music and sway in the wind.

Here are five songs to check out to help you make the best of your day:

1. “Nobody Speak” by DJ Shadow While the track was recorded and produced by DJ Shadow, EL-P and Killer Mike of Run the Jewels are featured in the track. The track itself has some traditional instrument sounds, but still has occasional synth breaks and modern flairs to keep it upbeat. The track fits well into a workout playlist or as something to listen to in the morning to give a strong start to your day. If you want a good laugh, check out the official music video for the track on record label Mass Appeal’s YouTube Channel.

2. “Early Blue” by F. J. McMahon – This folk-style track features a soothing acoustic tune and McMahon’s calm voice. This can be considered a classic, as the original song came out in 1969. Even the old-school quality of the audio offers a certain relaxing tone itself. This track would fit well into a study playlist, a driving playlist and is over-all a good song to relax to.

3. “Asleep on the Bus” by BESTiE – This indie-style track fits well into that playlist you might listen to between classes or while driving around Bowling Green. The chilled-out tone of the song may also make for a good one to listen to in the morning when you’re getting your day started. The opening line of the track, “Monday always comes too soon,” will likely hit home for a lot of students.

4. “The Next Afternoon” by Mr. Carmack — This chill-beat, hip-hop instrumental fits perfectly into your studying and relaxing playlist. While the sounds featured in the mix are pretty laid-back, the tempo is actually pretty upbeat, possibly making it a decent track to work out to. This track can be found on Reality EP, which has a plethora of Mr. Carmack tracks if you’re wanting more.

5. “Sorry” by Future — As the last track on Future’s newest album, “HNDRXX,” this may be one of Future’s more underrated tracks. Moving away from the typical high-energy tracks, Future takes a bit of a gamble with this style. However, the gamble was worthwhile with the result of a laid-back, hip-hop track that can be listened to while you’re walking to class or while you’re just chilling in your room.