Professional recording studio offers services for artists of all genres

Olivia Mohr

A professional music recording studio in Bowling Green fulfills the recording needs of artists of all music genres, including gospel, country, hip hop, rap and folk music. 

Clay Aydt moved to Bowling Green to attend WKU in 2004 and opened Studio 17 LLC. in 2013.

According to Aydt, the studio makes an effort to provide clients with the highest quality accommodations, including recording, mixing and mastering services, audio engineering and production classes, artist development, a photography studio, two recording studios, a full production room and a dance rehearsal hall.

“I opened [the studio] in hopes most musicians would have a place to come together and network no matter the genres because all genres have a similarity, and it’s a great, relaxing professional environment with a well-equipped professional faculty,” Aydt said.

The studio offers internship programs for people who want to learn about the music industry. They have had several interns from WKU work there and have employed current WKU students.

The studio was recently added to the Recording Connection Audio Engineering Colleges program nationwide and can provide accredited mentorships to help people learn about music recording and production.

Studio 17 llc has connections with A-List artists, management groups  and labels. The studio strives to offer high-quality services to artists, so they can present quality work to record labels, artists and repertoire, promoters and DJs. 

“[We provide] the sound quality and equipment of a major studio in a major city for a price less than half the cost of one of those facilities,” Aydt said. 

Some artists and music groups who have worked at the studio include Kevin Gates, Starlito, Nappy Roots, Marty Brown, Young Bleed, Crime Mob, Rich Boy and Twang and Round.

“We have international clientele ranging from here in Bowling Green to California to Japan and all in-between,” Aydt said. “Music has brought the diverse culture of Bowling Green together over the past few years.”

Studio 17 llc makes several efforts to serve and educate the community. They have programs that seek to educate the new generation about music production and recording, including H.E.E.L.S. (Helping Empowering Encouraging the Little Sister of Bowling Green) and The Summer Fun Camp at Parks and Recreation.

The studio sponsors local acts and opening nights for upcoming artists and offer studio time or production to them and sponsor schooling events and charities to inspire an interest in recording studios.

Studio 17 llc wants to build a foundation and audio engineering program through WKU to expand the musical interest in Bowling Green. 

“We take pride in the community here that I have come to love since my college career at WKU,” Aydt said. 

Joshua Dumas is an audio engineer at Studio 17 llc, and he is a WKU student from Louisville. He records artists who request him or who are his clients. He spends most of his weekend nights recording people, mostly WKU students.

“I just try to make [people] as comfortable as possible,” Dumas said. “Music is a very emotional thing, so making sure a person has the most relaxed and focused space to work in is my goal.”

Dumas feels the studio offers a place of artistic expression.

“Where I come from in Louisville, I would have never had a place like this to pursue artistic forms of expression,” Dumas said. “It gives young kids who might be interested in music an actual chance to do it in a more professional atmosphere than what they are used to.”

Broche Taylor, head in-house audio engineer at Studio 17 llc, said he believes the studio benefits the community by bringing different artists together and working with children’s school programs in Warren County to allow children to see how the studio works.

“The kids love the studio,” he said. “It’s amazing to see.”

Jordan Centers, a country singer-songwriter based in Scottsville, has recorded at Studio 17 llc. 

“My experience was amazing,” Centers said.

In November 2016, Centers recorded his first original song “Prom Queen” and got almost 11,000 views in the first few weeks. He plans on going back to Studio 17 llc to finish an album.

“It’s very comfortable and exciting to be a Studio 17 client,” Centers said. “While working hard to get the best original sound to make each song its own, there is still the outgoing conversation and kindness that makes each client feel relaxed.”

Reporter Olivia Mohr can be reached at 270-745-6288 and [email protected]