Aidy Bryant’s Annie Finds Her Voice in ‘Shrill’s Season 3 Trailer (VIDEO)

Aidy Bryant’s Annie Finds Her Voice in ‘Shrill’s Season 3 Trailer (VIDEO)

Shrill is preparing for its final bow at Hulu as the streamer releases its Season 3 trailer ahead of the Friday, May 7 premiere.

Aidy Bryant returns as Annie, who is newly energized following her breakup with slacker boyfriend Ryan (Lukas Jones) and is thrilled with her recent success at work as a journalist. And despite finding her footing a bit since viewers first met her in 2019 with Season 1, she’s still wondering how to get what she wants from life.

'Shrill's Offbeat Humor Will Charm You in Season 2See Also

‘Shrill’s Offbeat Humor Will Charm You in Season 2

Aidy Bryant returns as Annie in this irreverent comedy.

Along with Bryant, Season 3 will see the return of stars Lolly Adefope as Fran, Ian Owens as Amadi, John Cameron Mitchell as Gabe, E.R. Fightmaster as Emily, and Patti Harrison as Ruthie. In the trailer, below, viewers get a sneak peek at their shenanigans.

Still battling body shaming, the trailer opens with Annie yelling at a medical professional who moments earlier asked her to consider gastric bypass surgery. “You’re gonna look at me for 10 minutes and tell me to cut my stomach out? You’re a bad person,” Annie yells at the woman from the office’s parking lot.

Shrill Season 3 Aidy Bryant

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As for the romance front, Annie’s seeing a few different men as she jokingly says in the trailer, “I’m juggling a lot of nasty boys.” Things at work are as chaotic as ever as Annie’s seen traveling to gun-toting areas of the United States for research on a new piece she’s writing. But will the work backfire when she’s “canceled” for her article?

All of these questions and more are raised in the new trailer, below. Check it out and don’t miss the final season of Shrill on Hulu.

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