10 members appointed to SGA at its weekly meeting

Jamie Williams

The Student Government Association appointed 10 new members, two committee chairs, and discussed changes to its Earn-a-Computer program during its first meeting of the semester Tuesday.

Nine senators and one associate justice were appointed to replace SGA members who resigned last semester or are currently studying abroad.

“I’m very passionate about cultural immersion and diversity, and I want to contribute to that voice and be the voice of the international community on campus,” said newly appointed Senator Hizareth Linares.

Among the new senators are several members of the forensics team, the president of the International Student Diplomats and a young philanthropist who received the National Caring Award.

Yasmine Sadrinia was appointed to the Judicial Council after deciding to get involved in the SGA by working the front desk in its office.

“I see firsthand how many people this organization helps, and I want to do a little bit more than just handing out vouchers and pieces of paper,” Sadrinia said.

Four committee chair positions were also left vacant this semester, two of which were filled during the meeting. Andi Dahmer was appointed as the new chair for the MyCampusToo committee, and Morgan Wysong was appointed as the chair of Public Relations.

Dahmer said this semester MyCampusToo would be doing fewer forums and would instead be tabling and working on a Campus Letters Project. This project would ask minority groups on campus to write letters regarding any concerns they have with the campus community. These letters would be sent to President Gary Ransdell and incoming president Tim Caboni so they could better understand on-campus minority issues.

The SGA will also look at the letters to work on legislation that could alleviate any concerns or issues that are mentioned.

Chair of Student Affairs Emily Houston reported there would be several changes to the Earn-a-Computer program this semester. The program allows students who perform a certain number of community service hours to be eligible for a refurbished laptop.

Last semester, students who applied for the program needed to have 35 hours of community service. This semester the requirement will increase to 40 hours, and the hours must be earned between Feb. 1 and April 5. All students who submit an application and meet these requirements will be approved, and then students will be selected to receive the computers based on the number available.

 SGA President Jay Todd Richey discussed the recent presidential search, which resulted in the public only knowing the final preferred candidate. Many people showed concern that none of the alternative candidates have been identified and that Caboni was only brought to campus three days before the Board of Regents approved him as the 10th WKU president.

“A lot of people have voiced concerns about the open-closed process, and I wanted to emphasize to you all that a lot of that really rested on the candidates’ preference,” Richey said. “If they wanted to come to campus, they certainly had the ability to do so, but a lot did not want to jeopardize their position with their current employer.”

Members of the SGA plan to attend the KY Rally for Higher Education which will take place Feb. 13 from 1-3 p.m. at the Kentucky State Capitol. This rally will feature several guest speakers such as Secretary of State of Kentucky Alison Lundergan Grimes and students from all public universities in Kentucky.

The rally is in support of higher education funding — specifically funding for need-based scholarships such as the College Access Program grant and the Kentucky Tuition Grant, which has been diverted to work scholarships for high-demand fields.

The next SGA meeting will take place Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 5 p.m. in Downing Student Union.

Reporter Jamie Williams can be reached at 270-745-6011 and [email protected]