Illuminate your semester with advice from the stars

The Herald Astrologist

Yeah, we’re back out here for round two on the Hill. It’s now a new year full of wonder, awe, curiosity, existential dread, the duality of man and so much more. Nothing is more exciting than a new year. Or in this case, a new semester.

So much has happened since I last looked to the stars for guidance. For instance, we officially have a new administration in the White House following the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Trump is already tackling the big issues facing the country like the small crowd size at his inauguration and instituting a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency. Really setting the agenda with things like lying and censorship.

In impressive news, women in the United States and across the world took to the streets in the global Women’s March movement. The numbers are still rolling in, but by some estimates, marches held in more than 500 U.S. cities were attended by at least 3.3 million people, according to Vox. Some are calling the march the largest protest in U.S. history.

To be fair, Trump did say Jan. 20, 2017, would “be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again” and he was right. The next day made that clear.

Our new year is already ripe with new, exciting and frightening prospects. Let’s see how these translate for your semester.

Aries –– Stride confidently into your class and inquire with your professor if they’ll accept alternate sources for your research paper due Week 10. It seems to work just fine with everyone else.

Cancer –– While you may be bogged down with stress and anxiety over the prospects of this semester, you too can beat all the odds and achieve victory. Full disclaimer, it won’t be easy. It never really is, but it will be worth it. Handle it with grace.

Libra –– Libra, the stars are worried about many, many things. Gosh, Libra, give the stars a minute to vent their stress for once. It’s not all about you Libra, very rarely is it about you at all. Check in on the stars at some point, see how they feel.

Capricorn –– There is no evidence of three to five million illegal votes having been cast in the last election, Capricorn. The stars are willing to rain themselves down on this planet if your thick skull can’t accept this.

Taurus –– You can’t drop out of school just because of this first week, Taurus. I mean, you could actually do that but you probably shouldn’t do that. Well … maybe give it some consideration. Look, it’s really your call, Taurus.

Leo –– Ever tried going to the library before Leo? This is a legitimate question, the stars inform us there are many students out there who have never been to the library. Check out a book or something for once, Leo.

Scorpio –– If you decide to drop one of your classes, Scorpio, make sure you have a class to replace the one you’re dropping. Don’t want to spend eight years planning to drop something and then not have a proper replacement lined up when it finally happens.

Aquarius –– You know what, Aquarius? The stars just really can’t let go of the fact that “alternate facts” are, like, a thing now. What the heck, no really what is this? If your Communication 145 class won’t let you get away with presenting alternate facts then neither should the White House. Use peer-reviewed journals, Aquarius.

Gemini –– You can keep your new year’s resolution if you really believe in yourself, Gemini. Go on, give it a try. Believe in yourself! No, not like that, try again … okay, the stars didn’t really feel it that time. You either get it right or you don’t, Gemini.

Virgo –– Virgo, if you find yourself the unfortunate recipient of a parking ticket, appeal that ticket by arguing the university doesn’t own these grounds and that property is ultimately arbitrary and meaningless.

Sagittarius –– The stars aren’t horsing around when they say this, Sagittarius, but you really need to buckle down and figure out what you’re doing with your life. No need to worry if you’re under qualified for a job or anything because that doesn’t matter anymore.

Pisces –– The stars are currently spelling out “civil disobedience” in the night sky, Pisces. Take that as you will.