Resident hopes for peace after election


Emma Collins

Sheila Walters, an Oolitic, Indiana native, said she has been disappointed with the election season.

Walters, who moved to Bowling Green two years ago, criticized the candidates for spending such large amounts of money on their campaigns. She said candidates know how to spend money and talk a good talk, but ultimately they do not always do much.

As a child, Walters said she and her siblings were taught the importance of voting by her father.

“Dad taught us that you have no right to talk if you don’t vote,” Walters said as she stood outside Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary school.

Walters, a former employee at that elementary school, said she does not know how the election will end, but she hopes the close of the campaign season will help change these “scary times.”

“I hope whatever the outcome is, it settles the country down,” Walters said.

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