Jamie Foxx feels convinced he’s going to Heaven

Jamie Foxx feels convinced he’s going to Heaven


Jamie Foxx “knows” he’s going to Heaven when he dies.

The ‘Soul’ actor’s Baptist faith has been an important part of his “whole life” and he is confident and happy that the choices he’s made over the years will pay off in the end.

He told Sorted magazine: “A lot of people talk about being religious and going to church when they were younger or not famous or whatever – but I really am religious and I really did go to church all of the time growing up.

“I’ve been a Baptist my whole life and all that I know is that through being a Baptist my whole life, I know where I am going when I die and whereabouts in Heaven I will be.

“That’s not to cause offence to anyone else who doesn’t, I just feel confident and happy with the way I have led my life up to this point, the faith that I have and my practising of that faith.”

The 52-year-old star admitted he was left “hurt” when other members of his church community turned on him when he began his careers in music and comedy.

He said: “When the people who went to the same church as me saw that I was also living my life in what they felt was a non-Christian way, they didn’t seem to treat me with the same faith as they would when we were in that building together.

“I can’t lie, it didn’t make me feel like I was a part of the church community, the family, the togetherness that you always see portrayed in films, TV shows and in pictures and stuff.

“It genuinely made me take a step back from everything, look at what was going on and think if I did belong in the same family, place, and church as them. Something wasn’t right.

“I was called names associated with black people who do anything other black people don’t approve of.

“It was hurtful and a little strange … condescending and patronising.”