Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho ‘scared’ after being targeted with racial slur

Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho ‘scared’ after being targeted with racial slur


Arden Cho has revealed she was the target of vile racist abuse while walking her dog.

The ‘Teen Wolf’ actress admitted she is “still scared” when a man screamed “obscenities”, a racial slur and death threats at her this week while she was out with her pet Chewy.

She wrote on Instagram: “‘I’m going to motherf****** kill you c**** and your f****** dog’.

“This along with other obscenities were screamed at me when I was outside walking with my dog last night.

“I haven’t been this scared in years, he was a couple feet away & started coming towards me.

“I grabbed Chewy and ran as fast as I could. I’m not crying anymore but I’m still scared, I’m still shaking.”

The 35-year-old actress admitted she has stopped running at night and carries a knife when she’s walking her pet.

She continued: “I used to run at night, I haven’t ran in months. I still have to walk my dog, so I carry a knife when we go out at night.

“I know how to fight but I still don’t feel safe. I’m young & fit, I shouldn’t be scared but I am.

“All my trauma as a kid has been coming back as I’m watching our elders get beaten & killed.

“I’ve been kicked in the face till I was unconscious and hospitalized, I was only a kid. I didn’t realize how much that incident shaped my life. How much fear I’ve always lived with. (sic)”

Arden shared her harrowing experiences on social media and called for people to “stop Asian hate”.

She captioned her post: “Please, please #StopAsianHate I can’t breath. It feels like I’m 10 again & I’m being kicked to death.

“My mom called me & I couldn’t help but start crying again. She’s so scared to walk outside, even in the day time.

“I’m sorry mom. She wants me to be strong. So I’ll try. Please help us. (sic)”