HUFF’S POST: After the election, where do we go from here?

Taylor Huff

Two days after the election and it’s safe to bet what everyone is talking about. Burrito Bowl’s convenient new weekend hours! Yeah, right. The FBI has a better chance of finding something newsworthy in Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Speaking of Clinton, she will not be the first female president of the United States. After months of bitter campaigning, Donald Trump, a man endorsed by the KKK (remember them?), grabbed America by the you-know-what and became our 45th president. Let that sink in.

For those Americans disappointed in the results of the election, you might blame the influx of votes for third party candidate Gary Johnson, FBI Director James Comey’s last minute re-opening of what was a closed case or a poor campaigning strategy on the part of Hillary Clinton’s camp.

Rather than focusing on what may have led to this series of unfortunate events, it may benefit us to examine what this election revealed about us. It shows that the American people are fed up with the status-quo of politics. It shows that enough Americans are desperate enough to vote for someone who has praised foreign dictators while insulting our own leader for the sake of wanting something different.

At the same time, this entire election has exposed the deep divisions, particularly in regards to race, that still plague this country. I think above all else, it shows that Clinton is the worst at rigging elections. Jokes don’t even feel the same after Tuesday night’s result.

Whether you are overjoyed or devastated by Tuesday night’s results, the people have spoken, and Trump will be our Commander-in-Chief for the next four years starting on Friday, Jan. 20. But one man does not define all of us. Despite who is in charge, we all still have the ability to love and respect one another regardless of race, sexual orientation, class or religion.

We all still have the choice to not buy into the hateful rhetoric that has marred both campaigns. It seems that with a Republican president and majority in Congress, the country is going to look more conservative over the next presidential term. The real question will be if Trump, and all the people he has insulted, can still move past everything and make compromises that will make the United States a stronger and more welcoming country for all.

For many of us, today is a sigh of relief in that it’s all finally over. But for many, these results could have a devastating impact on their livelihoods. If there is any encouragement I could offer, it’s that there are still people in this country who love you and want to help protect the rights you have fought so hard for.

All I can think to ask now is, where do we go from here?