LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Educate yourself following election

Kijana Beauchamp

With the recent election and its precedent indicating a president-elect that has put the nation in a whirlwind, I thought the time was precise to address a few things.

As I’ve read numerous posts on Facebook from both sides of the coin I’ve been distressed to say the least. The election has taken a toll on my already ongoing depression and I’ve at times wondered whether living at all, let alone in this country during this time period, is worth my sanity of existence.

At a time where many are viewing this as a historical replication of the 60’s, I see very vast similarities. Athletes are starting to institute control of their platform once again like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson and countless others. I hear Gil Scott-Heron in bits and pieces in some rappers (If you dig long enough you will find some too). Just maybe we will have another Angela Davis (well that might be a lot to ask) and an ideological party that will withstand the test of time and learn from past mistakes.

War of words, social backlash for freedom of speech and much more. All to which reveal the underlying veil of our nation today. In high school I can attest to the fact that the majority of the time I was physically present but sometimes my mental state was at lengths afloat. The material was always not so much uninteresting, I was just always thinking ahead about the real problems that seemed to be under the surface.

Artists I connected to like Lupe, Talib and Yaslin all spoke the truth to that! I always felt like I grew up at the wrong time in history but maybe not, just maybe God placed me in this point in time for this exact reason. Now more than ever, God has also placed in my life Destinee MaKia, who’s company and intellectual stimulation has provided a unique aspect to my relational desires.

Justly, as leaders before have acknowledged as we approach this vindication, organization must be implemented and properly carried out. Thus, the greatest thing you can do is to continue to educate yourself on policies, housing allegations, institutions and revolutions which all make up your history. Then you will be properly equipped to defend your declarations. Peace.