Crime reports as of Nov. 28

Elisabeth Moore

Zena Grimes reported on Nov. 19 the mulch on the east side of College High Hall was smoldering. The Bowling Green Fire Department extinguished the mulch.

Bowling Green senior Rayan Alaswad lost his cell phone on Nov. 21 near the WKU Black Cultural Center. It was valued at $400.

Dodge City, Kansas, senior Brittiny Moore reported on Nov. 22 she lost a university key on Nov. 18.

Letavius Thornton was issued a citation on Nov. 22 for criminal trespassing in the third degree. Thornton was also arrested for a warrant from the Bowling Green Police Department.

Greenville sophomore Madison LeGrand reported on Nov. 27 her cell phone was stolen from the Downing Student Union.

Hopkinsville freshman Aaron Shaw, Owensboro freshman Hunter Shaver and Pembroke freshman Chandler Campbell were reported on Nov. 28 for being in a parked Honda Accord smoking marijuana. Shaw stated the drugs and paraphernalia belonged to him.