Cinderella Confidential to premiere on Friday

Madison Martin

Homecoming week is full of opportunities to catch up with people from your past and connect with those who will be a part of the future. But should you want to steal away from the festivities for something refreshing in the afternoon, a light-hearted WKU Children’s Theatre series production could be your next activity this weekend.

Cinderella Confidential, a short comedy offered through WKU’s department of theatre and dance, is geared toward younger audiences but enjoyable for any age. The production will premiere Friday, Oct. 21, at 4 p.m., with additional performances at 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

The play is a revamped version of a familiar fairytale, according to Louisville junior Kathleen Kerr, a stage manager of the production. It involves two competing reporters on a quest to figure out the mystery of the missing glass slipper.

“There are many different takes of the classic tale of Cinderella, but this one is surely unique as it fuses our love of fairy tale creatures with the modern world we live in today,” Kerr said in an email.

The student-run production began rehearsing the last week of September, leaving them with less than a month for preparation.

“It’s a really short rehearsal period, but we’re doing pretty well,” Clinton junior and student director Allie Thomas said.

As a student director, Thomas is expected to lead and oversee all aspects of the show while receiving class credit, according to Carol Jordan, instructor and faculty adviser for the Children’s Theatre series.

“ … I feel that it’s important that young directors have the opportunity to try things out … on their own and to figure out how to fix issues that crop up along the way,” Jordan said in the email. “I’m here to support their artistic visions but not to dictate exactly what they should do or not do.”

Although it’s only about 45 minutes in length, the cast includes 13 student actors, a larger group for a children’s show, Thomas said.

“Allie has assembled an outstanding [cast] of seasoned veterans and promising freshmen who bring wonderful energy, presence and physical comedy to the piece,” Jordan said.

As the second production in the Children’s Theatre series this year, While Cinderella Confidential targets kids, actors “ham it up.” The inherent humor is something that most anyone, including the cast, can appreciate, Thomas said.

“I think it’s a pretty … all-ages type of thing,” Thomas said. “Like, yeah, it’s a children’s show, but anyone will think it’s funny.”

Although not necessarily scheduled on purpose to coincide with Homecoming, those involved with the production hope there will be a real draw of interest from the uptick of people at WKU.

“Hopefully the many visitors to campus during Homecoming will find the chance to check out a short, charming play a welcome addition to their already festive weekend,” Jordan said.

The play will show at the Gordon Wilson Hall Lab Theatre. You can purchase tickets online or at the Fine Arts Box Office ahead of time.

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