LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Issues with Billings office

Edward Schwab

I returned to WKU in June 2015 after many years in the workforce, under a provision of Kentucky Law K.R.S. Section 164.284, which allows senior citizens to attend any state-supported institution of higher learning free of all tuition and fees.

During the summer session of 2015 the Billings and Receivables office put a hold on my transcript for nonpayment of tuition. After they were contacted by a veteran’s representative, my account was corrected to show a $0.00 balance.

During the fall 2015 semester, the Billings and Receivables office again put a nonpayment hold on my account. Again, they were contacted, and it was corrected.

When I received a bill for the 2016 winter session, I sent a strongly worded email to the Billings and Receivables office, stating that if they sent me one more bill, I would forward said bill to the Kentucky State Legislature so that they could investigate WKU’s accounts payable office, and why accounts payable choses to ignore the law.

During the spring semester, no one from accounts payable sent me any bills and there were no holds placed on my transcript.

On Thursday, Oct. 13, I received another bill from the Billings and Receivables office advising that I was barred from registering for next semester and there is a hold on my account.

Now I wonder if WKU hires high school dropouts who can’t read to do their billings.