Program helps students ‘land the job’

Cori Venning

For nine months, students in the Executive Apprentice Program participate in coaching sessions to learn what it takes to land the job after graduation.

Becky Tinker, the director of the Executive Apprentice Program, said the program is intended to prepare students for life after college. The program, offered by the Center for Career and Professional Development, is a 9-month long boot camp.

Throughout the program, coaches assist students in preparing for different areas of the workforce and provide students with one-on-one mentoring and business cards for the job hunt and more, Tinker said.

To be eligible for the program, a student must have completed 90 hours or more as well as have post-graduation plans. Students are required to be in good academic standing, and be available to meet for group and individual training. Students can apply in the fall semester, but applications for this semester have closed.

Kanisha Boleware graduated from the Executive Apprentice Program and now works as a graduate assistant at WKU. Boleware graduated in May with a degree in interdisciplinary studies with a focus in education, she now teaches a University Experience course.

Boleware said the program helped her prepare for graduate school and helped her self-reflect. Boleware said she was able to set goals for herself and make adjustments up until the completion of the program. She said she also gained professional and interview skills as well as confidence throughout the program, crediting the program for her acceptance into graduate school.

One of the most important parts of the program were the development of relationships with the mentors and directors that last beyond graduation, Boleware said.

To this day, Tinker, as well as Robert Unseld, another coordinator of the program, stops to ask how the graduates are doing, Armin Hadziomerovic, a WKU graduate and graduate of the program, said. Hadziomerovic now works as the office coordinator of International Enrollment Management, which is located in the Honors College and International Center.

“If I could recommend to anyone to take that program, I would definitely recommend it,” Hadziomerovic said.

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