FASHION: How to dress for your body type

Sarah Hicks

Sarah Hicks

The most important step in achieving personal style isn’t solely dependent on knowledge of the fashion world, but instead optimizing your body type.

Style is about discovering the right clothes that bring out your best features and make you feel confident. Learning to choose clothing that amplifies your figure empowers and beautifies your style.

Take your mind away from height and weight and rather consider shape. It’s not about looking thin, but intensifying your shape so that you feel stunning in every outfit you wear.

So how do you know your body shape? You can determine your shape with just a few easy questions.

Is the lower part of you body wider than your upper body? Is your bottom round and your waist smaller? If yes, you are a PEAR!

Your star features are the shoulders and torso. When you select clothes go for articles that bring attention to and highlight your waist and arms, but also volumize the shoulders and upper body.

Use your neckline to show off your waist and shoulders by choosing a sweatshirt or deep-V. You will feel stellar in an A-line skirt and dresses, wide leg hemmed pants and belted clothes at the waist. Don’t be afraid to play with ruffled tops and pointy-toed shoes that will lengthen your legs.

Are your shoulders and chest wider than your waist and hips? If yes, you are a WEDGE!

Your star features are your legs. Choose clothing to bring moderation to the upper half of your body, but that show off your lower body and legs. Remember, wear something that draws attention to the assets you love!

Go for that shorter skirt that’s going to show off those long legs paired with a sleeved shirt to help bring proportion to you. You’ll feel fierce in bright colored bottoms, pants with wide legs and thicker strapped tops.

Are your hips, shoulders and waist of similar size? If yes, you are a RECTANGLE!

Learn to show off your arms and legs while creating the look of curves. You will dominate in a pencil skirt to show off your legs, and look amazing in a waist defining belt. Have fun with ruching, bright colored bottoms, long jackets, layered tops and scoop necks.

Is most of your weight above the hips? Are your hips narrow? Are your back and shoulders more wide? If yes, you are an APPLE!

Work toward insinuating those legs! Choose clothing that will lengthen your torso and make those legs well seen! You can lengthen your torso with V-necks, empire silhouettes and A-line dresses.

Cinch in your waist with a defined jacket paired with a dress. Feel your best in monochromatic, belting your waist, empire styles, flared pants and shorter skirts.

We are all uniquely lovely and can learn to capitalize on our strengths. Find something that you love about yourself and show that off – whether it’s your legs, your arms or your waist! Let clothing selection be based upon what makes you feel beautiful.

Don’t forget, self-confidence is not stemmed from what you wear, but a good outfit can help empower you.