How to stay stylish while saving a few dollars

Sarah Hicks

Sarah Hicks

We are surrounded by new trends everyday with access to the whole world of fashion in the palm of our hand. With advertisements taking over our feed, our favorite celebrities inspiring us and new seasons coming around the corner, most of us can’t help but always want more.

Your wallet and overwhelming student loans may beg you not to, but you find yourself desiring to indulge. How do we control our endless yearning for the newest trend when we are on a budget? Maybe you aren’t a loyal shopper but desire to know where to start and how to be smart about shopping. Either way, we can all benefit from tips on shopping smart and saving a couple bucks.

Learn that patience is key. This can be the hardest step, but a lot of times if you wait a couple of weeks two things can happen. One, you discover you’re over what you’ve been eyeing and no longer desire it. Two, you score a sale by waiting a couple of weeks. Your wallet will thank you for either outcome.

Don’t mindlessly shop. If you have items you know you are wanting, keep a list over time of them. When you go shopping, pull this list out so you can strategically shop for good finds you know you will use because you’ve previously thought about them; this can help with those impulse buys!

Shop with what you already have in mind. This may seem like a no-brainer, but we buy clothing all the time we never wear. Before buying something, double check you have something that goes well with it. If you don’t have something you love to wear with it, chances are you won’t actually wear it. Also keep in mind what you already have so you aren’t wasting money on similar pieces.

Be determined to find a good deal by comparative shopping. A lot of retailers carry the same designers and merchandise, but may have different prices through sales or could better benefit you with good reward programs.

Learn what to splurge on. Save more on your trendy pieces which may go out of style soon, while spending more on basic clothing that will carry your wardrobe through many seasons.

Plan ahead. This one is for those of us who wait last minute to buy a dress for a wedding or event. Shop early to give yourself sufficient time to find a good deal or sale. Stock up on event dresses you love when you see them on sale.

Shop off-season. In the summer months you will find winter and fall clothing drop dramatically as retailers are making room for their new summer merchandise. This is a great time to stock up on basics or clothing you’ve been eyeing. Be careful to not waste money, even on sale pieces, buying something you won’t love by the time the season hits again.

There’s no need to sacrifice being trendy to save money. You can achieve both when you shop smart and plan ahead. Savvy shopping may require additional work, but it’ll be worth it when you and your wallet are rejoicing over your saved dollars.