Bookstore introduces self-service textbook system

Kylie Carlson

The WKU Store is now allowing students to grab their own textbooks off the shelves instead of waiting for an assistant to collect them.

In years past, a student had their I.D. swiped, and then was handed the pre-ordered books he or she needed. Only the workers in the bookstore were allowed access to the book shelves.

Now, students can access the shelves for their own books, scan the used books section and even look at different editions of books.

“This felt super easy and I wasn’t stressed about not finding what I needed,” Munfordville freshman Alyssa Griffin said. “Everything is labeled and neat.”

Griffin added that even if she couldn’t find what she needed, it was easy to get help.

“The staff continuously walked the aisles making sure everyone found what they needed,” Griffin said.

Once students find their books, they bring them to the register, show their WKU I.D., and pay or make a charge to their account.

This process has been something that Director of the WKU Store Ann Floresca believes has been very positive for the students and the employees.

“When I came here a year ago, students were waiting in multiple lines to swipe their card, then to get their books and then to pay for their books,” Floresca said.

Floresca believes everyone is pleased with the efficiency of the new system.

“The employees enjoy it because they aren’t bothering the students who can do it themselves, but are still around for the ones who need it,” Floresca said.

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