A hello from the Herald

Andrew Henderson

Hello, welcome, hi, how are you? Allow me to be the first to welcome you here to WKU for another go on the Hill.

I’m Andrew Henderson and I’ll be serving as Opinions editor this semester, which is simultaneously the most popular and despised section of the paper.

The Herald is WKU’s 91-year-old independently run student publication. We’ve been here a long time and have no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon.

WKU is set to see serious long-term changes in the course of the next few years, so our job to keep all peoples on this campus informed is even more vital.

Next spring, President Gary Ransdell will be retiring after nearly 20 years of service here at WKU, but Ransdell’s retirement also signals that the university is looking for a new president. This will undoubtedly be the talk of the town as the presidential search committee continues to meet with the promise of the next president being named in March of next year.

In the works is also the new Medical Center complex, which the Board of Regents gave Ransdell the green light to pursue in their meeting last Friday. The center includes the construction of a new sports complex and a new facility for the doctorate of physical therapy program.

Not to mention that campus housing will also be transforming over the next 10 years, a new parking structure is slated to be built, the university will still be feeling the sting of last semester’s budget cuts in a number of ways and just a slew of other things that will be impacting all of us not only during this semester but in the short and long-term future as well.

And despite all of what we at the Herald have reported on in the past, we still don’t always get everything right. We’re not perfect and, yes, we do get things wrong.

So while you depend on us to bring you the news, or just bring you the crossword; we also depend on you to keep us honest and let us know what’s going on as well.

The relationship between a paper and the community it serves must be one built on trust and transparency. And in that regard we at the Herald can do better because we always have room for improvement.

As you come to the Hill for your first year or your last year, we give you our best and be sure to pick us up every Tuesday and Thursday, and online, as we both gear up to face another journey.